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Blessed Birth Raffle

Blessed Birth Raffle Online Promo

  1. Cordlife reserves the sole discretion to change the terms and condition of this promotion without prior notice.
  2. This promo is exclusively for all expectant mothers.
  3. The online submission serves as the official entry to qualify for the Blessed Birth Raffle Promotion.
  4. The online submission must contain all the necessary details to qualify as a valid entry. Entries shall include:
    • Name of Client
    • Name of OB-Gyn
    • Delivery Hospital
    • Contact Details
    • Email Address
    • Expected Date of Delivery
  5. The winners shall be informed via phone call, phone message, or through e-mail. The names shall also be posted on the Cordlife Facebook Page.
  6. Consolation and Minor Prizes will be awarded to lucky moms. These are open to all expectant mothers.
  7. Those who will enroll in any of Cordlife’s Umbilical Cord Blood and Cord Lining BUNDLE PLANS will get a chance to win the Blessed Birth Grand Prize worth up to Php 100,000. Only one (1) lucky mom will be awarded as the grand prize winner.
  8. Cordlife Marketing Team shall ensure that all details of each winning client are complete.
  9. All prizes are not convertible to cash and not interchangeable with other items.
  10. Deadline of entries/flyers is on on June 30, 2021only.
  11. Grand Draw will be held on July 2021.

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